The Five Aggregates

Electroacoustic Composition

Six channel piece composed in the spring of 2008 for the Deep Wireless Festival Tans-Local Performance(S) concert organized by New Adventures in Sound Art and This piece was made using CSound for processing short samples taken from tracks included in the Deep Wireless compilation CDs. The pieces used where composed by: Inge Hoonte, Robert MacKay, Keith De Mendonca, Jill Summers, Dallas Simpson and Mark Mclaren. Thank you to all of them for granting permission to use their materials.

In Buddhism the “Five Aggregates” are all the different physical and mental components that form the whole human body and mind. These are: form, sensation, perception, mental formations and consciousness. This piece is a sonic “poem” that symbolizes this concept.


  • Duration: 6:28
  • Channels: 6
  • Role: Solo work
  • Tools: Custom Csound processing, Ardour


  • - Premiered at the Deep Wireless Festival oragnized by New Adventures in Sound Art. The performance took place at IndexG gallery on May 8, 2008 and was transmited live by