This another piece part of my ongoing space_ series of media art works.

The works in the series are derived directly from the attentive and phenomenological exploration of a specific geographical/physical location. The majority of the visual and acoustic elements present in these pieces come from processing photogrammetry, spatial audio (ambisonic) and still images captured during a period of attentive immersion and observation that I conduct while being physically present at the chosen location. This observation and recording technique follows mindfulness processes of attentive perception and connection with the environment. This new piece in the cycle was commissioned by New Adventures in Sound Art in honour of its 20th anniversary. The recording process for the piece was facilitated by a residency at Warbler’s Roost in South River, Ontario. The recordings made at Warbler’s Roost are used to create a photorealistic virtual place composed of 3D geometry and reactive spatial audio. During the live presentation performance, a real-time virtual exploration of this content was done using a hand controlled virtual camera which determines the final recorded audiovisual sequence. The audio spatialization of the piece is generated based on the location of the virtual camera and presented over a multichannel sound system (12 channels) surrounding the audience. The video included here has a binaural render of that spatial audio (ambisonic) to be listened using headphones.

This piece can also be exhibited as a fixed video projection or via a large high resolution screen, with binaural audio over headphones.