Afectos Descentrados

Modified furniture, multichannel sound system and video

Interactive sound and video installation by Alexandra Gelis with electronics, programming and sound design by Hector Centeno. Repurposing and transforming pieces of furniture typical of the bars in the coffee production zones in Colombia, this installation allows the audience to improvise their own multichannel sound art piece. The control console allows to record sound samples and reproduce them and alter them using granulation effects while manually panning the sounds through a 6 channel speaker sound system. The performer can record their own performances, including the spatialization, and reproduce them later.


  • Technical: Mac mini running Max/MSP, MIDI controllers, Arduino and LCD display, microphones, amplifiers, video monitor, audio interface and 6 speakers
  • Roles: Electronic circuit design, sound design, Max/Msp programming, MIDI controller interface programing, Arduino programming.