Interactive Installation

Three RC cars where retrofitted with microcontrollers (Arduino) and proximity sensors to allow them to have autonomous movement. The cars avoid obstacles but also present an erratic, quasi-animalistic movement behaviour while exploring the space. A speaker mounted on the car emits synthesized tones that change according to the proximity of the obstacles. Each car carries a video display showing a single video (by Jorge Lozano) divided in a triptych. The movement of the cars generates a sonic and visual landscape within the space.


  • Technology: Modified remote controlled cars with added microcontrollers and proximity sensors, sound and video.
  • Roles: Concept (in collaboration), full electronic circuit design and modification, Arduino programming and sound design.


  • - El Parqueadero, mixed media art centre in Bogota, Colombia, November 2012, in the show "Error_ Origen no Encontrado" as part of the collective Entre_Activa.