Audiovisual Multichannel Improvisation

Live performance at Plataforma Bogota (Arts, Science and Technology Lab) on November 23, 2012. A meditative exploration that combines urban and industrial sounds and images collected in Bogota, Toronto and NY. This is a binaural audio version of the 8 channels recorded live (headphones recommended for listening). The performance consisted of 8 speakers located around the audience and a frontal video projection. Soundscapes recorded in Bogota using an ambiosnic microphone where processed live and diffused through the speakers. The video projection was generated using realtime analysis of the sound to drive movement and effect parameters. These excerpts are from the recorded sound and generated video.


  • Duration: 32:59
  • Audio Channels: 8
  • Video Channels: 1
  • Role: Solo work
  • Tools: Custom Max/MSP and Jitter patches and touch screen OSC controller. Ambisonic field recording and photography.